Welcome to Comprehensive Physician Services!


We are a multi-disciplinary practice that specializes in the care of injury victims. Our Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Nurses/CMA’s and Massage Therapists unite in rehabilitating our patients to maximum medical improvement. We will anticipate our patients’ needs and we are committed to providing a wide variety of treatment to benefit all types of injuries.

You have taken the first step in your rehabilitation by choosing our practice to tend to your needs. Each patient is equally important to us so in an attempt to form a long-term relationship with you, here are a few things that will help guide you through your treatment.


When you arrive, sign in. You will be called back in the order of your appointment time. Other patients being treated by another doctor may be called before you because their doctor is available, not because they are taken out of turn.


The office and doctors have specific office hours. The Medical office staff will schedule your appointments accordingly. If you have a special request for an appointment time, speak with the office staff and we will accommodate your needs if possible.


Each patient is evaluated and given a specific course of treatment that will most benefit your injuries. A certain number of treatments are required in a specific amount of time for us to get the results we both desire. If you need to change the time of your appointment, plan to come another time on the same day. If the same day is not possible, be sure to make up the missed appointment within one week. Please be responsible and call our staff if you cannot make an appointment or you are going to be late for your appointment. If you are late for an appointment and have not called, you may be asked to wait until we have an opening.


Regardless of who the responsible party is,  a claim will be established with your insurance company by Florida Law. Contact your agent and inform them of y our care in this office and have all forms sent directly to us. It is your responsibility to supply us with the coverage information of the vehicle you were in at the time of the accident. If you are making a claim against the liability policy of another vehicle and an attorney represents you. We will send a copy of the bills and records to your attorney.

You are personally responsible for the bill, but you will not be required to pay at the time of service as long as we are billing your insurance company and/or attorney and the necessary lien forms have been signed by you, ensuring that we will be paid at the time of the settlement of your case. This is done as a convenience to you.


Contact us with any questions you have by clicking here.  Our staff will be more than happy to help you!